The Challenge

Our largest challenge is fundraising. To open the credit union, we need approximately $2.4 Million in startup capital. Because of regulatory restrictions and the administrative cost of processing each donation, we cannot accept funding from small individual donors. Instead, the success of this project relies on the generosity of large foundations and investors whose mission and vision for Maine’s agricultural and economic future aligns with ours.

So far, we’ve been overwhelmed with the support we’ve gotten from such groups. As this project gets closer to becoming a credit union, we look forward to welcoming a final few donors to the Maine Harvest family.

To get updates on our progress, check back here often.

  • Funds Raised to Date: $1.4 of $2.4 Million 58.3%

Potential Donors

Does the mission of your foundation or fund align with ours, to enable Maine’s new food economy to grow by opening up access to capital? If so, we would love to talk. Please contact Sam or Scott to set up a meeting.
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By Phone

Scott Budde: 207.653.5527
Sam May: 207.653.2260